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2022-06-18 18:34:11 By : Ms. Mary Zheng

Weekends seem to be the perfect lawn maintenance days, when many of us finally have a break from the workweek. Dads often dedicate their time and energy to lawn maintenance because they enjoy the appearance of a clean and tidy lawn – and they know their families do, too.

But did you know the very gas-powered lawn tools used to make our lawns attractive actually harm our air and environment? Small gas engines put high levels of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and other volatile organic compounds into the air. These later becomes smog – air pollution that reduces visibility and negatively impacts our health.

Since emissions are a major global issue, there is a critical need to reduce air pollution, which can start in our very own backyards. This Sunday is Father’s Day, and we know you will be looking for the ideal gift. Why not buy dad an electric lawn tool? Not only will he help reduce air emissions, you will be giving dad a break from the problems of traditional yard tools.

Here are four good reasons why swapping dad’s gas-guzzling lawn equipment for environmentally-friendly electric lawn tools is a better choice for cleaner air, his safety, and the family budget.  By switching to electric models, you can:

Improve Air Quality & the Environment

Gas-powered lawn models emit hazardous air pollutants and carbon dioxide at a much higher rate than contemporary vehicles because they lack catalytic converters.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a single gas mower running for one hour emits the same number of pollutants as 11 new cars driving for 1 hour on the highway.

In San Antonio, there are more than 500,000 homeowners with a range of lawn sizes. Just imagine the number of hazardous pollutants introduced into the air every time dad cuts the lawn with gas-powered tools.

By purchasing an electric or battery-powered motor, you are already making a significant difference since they do not produce any emissions into the air.

Additionally, Americans are spilling large amounts of gas when filling up gas cans at the pump and refueling their gas-powered engines. The EPA estimates more than 17 million gallons of gas are spilled every year from refueling lawn and garden equipment, which is equivalent to a large oil spill.

Environmental experts say gas-powered lawn engines collectively use 800 million gallons of gas every year, producing 5% of the nation’s air pollution & considerably more in metropolitan areas.

If we were to replace 500 gas mowers, this would spare 212 pounds of hydrocarbons, a smog ingredient, and approximately 1,724 pounds of carbon dioxide, which adds to global warming. That’s a reduction in air pollutants which can cause irritation of airways, shortness of breath, asthma episodes, chest pains, coughing, and wheezing.

Reduce risks of muscle strains and injuries

Battery and electric equipment weigh less and are easier to maneuver than gas-powered lawn tools. Heavy gas-powered tools can take a toll on dad’s back and legs causing strains and even injuries, especially if they’re used for a prolonged period of time.

Lighter electric tools are the answer to preventing muscle strains from traditional models. And couldn’t dad use a break from lifting and pushing loud and heavy gas-powered engines, especially in our Texas blistering heat?

Take a break from maintenance

You eliminate fuel costs and gas engine issues with electric models, such as fouled spark plugs and clogged-up carburetors. All that’s needed for electric and battery-powered lawn equipment is minor maintenance and a battery or a cord. Compared to traditional models, electric lawn tools are much easier to store and maintain. Also, no gas means no ignition source so it’s safer to store electric equipment.   

CPS Energy Mow Down Smog Rebate

At CPS Energy, we are committed to being environmentally responsible and helping our customers make changes that make sense and are doable now. That’s why we offer our Mow Down Smog Rebate, a program launched in 1998 to offer bill credits to customers who purchase electric lawn equipment.  

The rebate applies to electric and battery-powered lawnmowers, blowers, edgers/trimmers, hedge trimmers and manual push-reel mowers. You can qualify for the following rebates, which will appear as a credit on your CPS Energy bill:

To receive a rebate, just follow these steps:

Remember, if you buy your dad an electric lawn tool for Father’s Day, take advantage of our Mow Down Smog Rebate!

Using electric lawn equipment is a simple step any of us can take to improve air quality. It benefits our entire community. Let’s work together and help dad mow down smog for cleaner air!

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