How to make your gardening tools last longer in 3 easy steps

2022-03-26 03:43:21 By : Mr. Ben dai

AS spring approaches, you'll want to make sure your gardening tools are ready to go so you can tackle any job in your backyard.

And the way to do that is by taking good care of them, which you can do so in three easy steps, according to Martha Stewart.

Over time, rust is bound to appear on your tools.

However, it's important to take care of the issue immediately so there's no further damage, especially if you plan on sharpening them.

For those lightly rusted tools, you can simply remove it with high-gritted sandpaper, according to gardener Rebecca Sears who spoke to the outlet.

If that's not working out, you can also try using gritted steel wool.

But if your tools are extra-rusty, Sears said: "If the rust is so bad that it has made the steel surface rough and gritty, I recommend placing a wire brush attachment to an electric drill for the best success."

After tackling the light or heavy rust, you'll want to apply a layer of flaxseed oil to avoid any future discoloration, according to Sears.

Aside from cleaning your tools, sharpening them is a must.

To sharpen a trowel, the garden whiz recommends using a file - but you don't need to overdo it since a trowel doesn't have to be too sharp.

Over filing the tool will only lead to accidents, and you only want to sharpen away from the body.

Sears explained: "Maintain long and even motions to have a consistent sharpness along the edge."

As for shears, you'll definitely need to file them plenty.

For this, you'll need to keep around a honing stone, which is a flat stone that is used to sharpen blades.

To sharpen, you'll want to start off on a flat surface and carefully run your stone across each blade.

Now that you have your tools ready to go, be sure to check out another gardener's recommendation on a product that gets his lawn green in just two hours.

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